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Let Employees Out of Their Cages – Advocacy

Let’s face it, sometimes as an employee you feel just like an animal trapped in a cage. You are focused on what’s in front of you with little leeway to do anything else. Much like 90% of egg-laying chickens. Here … Continue reading

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Making it Rain – 5 Crucial Traits for Technology Lawyers

Sitting there working on the latest contract that came across your desk, your manager walks in and tells you that you have been hand picked. Hand picked to provide counsel to a new group of forward thinkers. Your company is … Continue reading

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Rules, Customers, and How to Reconcile Them

Putting the customer first sometimes requires some bending of rules and organizational thinking. I will explain the deer in the birthday hat later, but it is an example of the good that can come when you think of the customer’s … Continue reading

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You Can Learn Something From the Government – Really, You Can!!

If you manage groups of folks doing social media and are not all that savvy in the space yourself, I want you to stop reading and go and get a social media for dumm … err … inexperienced people right … Continue reading

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Collaboration, Sharing and Social Business – What to Consider

Social is all about collaboration and sharing, right?  As we move into social business, perhaps it is useful to examine what that means for your brand by changing the term for a moment – ‘sharing business’ or ‘collaborative business.’  This … Continue reading

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Taking Aim at Patent Trolls – Be Careful What You Shoot At

The NY Times reported on Wednesday that the chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is planning to ask the full FTC to launch an inquiry into the issue of patent trolls.  This comes on the heel of President Obama’s … Continue reading

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One Ring to Rule Them All – Mobile as a Hub

The increasing role that mobile plays in our lives is quite staggering.  Our adoption of mobile as our personal hub technology seems to be outstripping other adoption trends.  Are you using mobile as a hub for your customers, or are … Continue reading

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