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The Price of Being Social – Facebook Becomes More Transparent-ish?

Facebook is changing its data use policy (translation – Privacy Policy) on the social network.  As Selena Larson of readwrite states plainly, “You Are Its Product.”  Yesterday, in Facebook’s own Facebook Site Governance page they announced upcoming changes.  As of … Continue reading

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Facebook’s new policy changes allow it to read your face, use it for ads

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Facebook is making big changes to the language in its Data Use and Privacy Policy that will allow the company to use information already on the platform in new ways that might frustrate some users. While some…

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Can You Trust Online Reviews – Managing the Risk

Users trust ratings and reviews.  Users are listening to each other.  They are not listening to what you have to say about your own product.  I am sure you, as an individual consumer, are doing it every time you buy … Continue reading

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Anonymity is Dying in Online Communities – But is that Right?

Do you have to be yourself in online social, and online, communities?  Anonymity is dying.  Long live anonymity.  The Huffington Post recently announced that users wouldn’t be able to post anonymously starting in September.  The problem of internet trolls is … Continue reading

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Big Data, Social and Doing the Right Thing – Is Social Underwriting Too Early?

  CNNMoney reported yesterday that companies are now looking at your social networks to determine your creditworthiness, or in other words social underwriting is here.  Social underwriting promises to uncover things that traditional underwriting techniques can not.  Between yesterday and … Continue reading

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The Promise of Mobile – And Some Legal Things to Think Of as You Go There

Mobile devices are becoming more and more ubiquitous. In the first quarter of this year smart phone shipments outnumbered feature phones. High speed wireless networking makes connectivity more available. What this all leads to is access when the consumer wants/needs … Continue reading

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It’s Just an Argument – Fair Use, Schmair Use

If you are a lawyer advising clients on content issues and creative campaigns you have invariably heard the refrain “but it’s fair use.”  If you are one of those clients who have said those words, please read this post carefully, … Continue reading

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