Why the internet of things gives us a second chance to define digital trust and privacy

This is a great article by Stacy. Her thoughts give us a way forward that respects the user but as payment for that respect, we need to do our part as users, too. Brilliant.


As we connect more things to the web and share more data, there hasn’t been a coherent effort to build trust and privacy into the internet of things. This is why a conversation I had with ARM’s CTO Mike Muller last month was so refreshing. He made a distinction between trust, privacy and security and explained what our inability to address trust and privacy might mean for the internet of things.

It’s a topic we’ll also explore with his boss, ARM CEO Simon Segars at our Mobilize event in October in San Francisco. We’ll also have a security and regulatory panel moderated by Adrian Turner, of Mocana discussing these issues. But first, let’s lay the groundwork, starting with trust and privacy.

Data is powerful, so who can you trust with it?

“We should think about trust as who has access to your data and what they can do with it,”…

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