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Looking Past Your Nose – Social Media Risk Management Education

If you are worried about managing the risk in social media, one of the ways to learn about how to do that is to look at how others are doing it.  You might be in an industry that is used … Continue reading

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Put Privacy Truly First – Design It In From The Beginning, or Else!

If you are fearful about the pitfalls that privacy missteps can bring to your brand, you need to start at the beginning and bake it in to everything you do.  The more time you spend up front designing privacy into … Continue reading

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Old Laws, New Space – Social Only Makes It Easier to Screw Up

Some of the most popular postings in social are things that are confrontational or controversial.  The problem with those things is that someone will always be mad and someone will always find themselves at the wrong end of it.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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User-Generated Content – Driving Towards Compelling Marketing and Content

Everything you do is marketing in one form or another, and user-generated content is one piece of it.  Running an effective website that doesn’t crash (I’m looking at you  Having a vibrant ratings and reviews community.  Running an external … Continue reading

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Data Privacy – The User Rules, or They Should

How often do you revisit and audit your privacy practices regarding collection and use of user information.  Earlier this year we had a big kerfuffle over government practices and platforms turning over information to them.  While maybe not topical to … Continue reading

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Making Privacy Transparency Work For You

It seems like privacy issues have been front of mind way too much lately.  Today will be no different.  But let’s look at it a little differently.  Do user’s appreciate data transparency or is it a case of information overload.  … Continue reading

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Getting Your Users to Work for You – User Generated Content Thoughts

User-generated content represents a treasure trove of creativity for you and your brand.  Every dollar of content you get from your users can be a dollar you save on the P&L sheet.  The trend towards uncompensated labor, another term for … Continue reading

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