About this Blog and the Disclaimer

I am a lawyer experienced in the area of emerging technology.  Having provided counsel in the areas of mobile and social, I have real-world experience in this area.  I am also a patent attorney who has worked on real-world innovation and inventions with some of the most forward thinking companies in the world.  I hope I can provide a unique insight into emerging technology in general, but more specific to the area of SoLoMo.

SoLoMo, or Social-Local-Mobile, has been talked about for a few years.  Called a revolution in Digital Marketing, you have undoubtedly heard it in a presentation, or a YouTube video.  It is the convergence of Social technologies and Mobile technologies with an eye towards localization, including hyper localization and in person marketing.  As the information flows across these channels, and it becomes seamless to the user, the unified experience becomes quite powerful.  However, sharing data and information, coupled with user customization raises all kinds of interesting and emerging legal issues.  This blog will try and highlight the new things that are happening as brands use this new frontier to deliver greater experience to the users and consumers.

While I will muse (and sometimes ramble) on new legal developments or just highlight the challenges inherent in the space, this is not legal advice for your company or for you. While I could provide that to you, we would need to talk in greater length about your specific needs and situation.  This blog is meant to be general and to raise issues that you should be talking to an attorney about.


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