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Shopper Tracking – Should You Opt-Out? Can You?

Everyday location privacy is getting harder and hard to control for consumers, and trends in consumer behavior analysis are making it even harder.  I talked about this back in July when I wrote about store Wi-Fi tracking.  Today I am … Continue reading

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Employee Speech – Your Social Media Problem or Their’s?

Employee grievances on social media are a very thorny area to address.  The risks in mis-stepping are huge.  You can either look so heavy handed that you risk losing customers when you over-react.  You could also face action by the … Continue reading

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Ubiquitous Ubiquity – A Possible Mobile Technology Trend to Watch

While you develop and deploy your mobile efforts, are you considering the far future for mobile technology?  Or possibly that in a few years all your development struggles today will look like cave drawings.  Sometimes future casting is just an … Continue reading

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Policied to Death – Employees and Social Media (Yet Again)

By now, if you have been reading this blog with any regularity you are familiar with my rant against employee social media policies.  In fact, you are probably a bit tired of it.  It just seems that pundits keep on … Continue reading

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Find Your Serenity – Employees and Social Media Access and Risk

It is amazing that employers think that turning things off is the way to manage employee social media risk.  Haven’t we learned the axiom, if you can’t hear the kids they are probably in trouble.  While employees are not your … Continue reading

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Solving the Location Privacy Riddle? – iBeacon Puts Users in the Middle, Maybe

While everyone was watching what the new iPhone would be, Apple quietly introduced a little bit of technology for the mobile marketers and mobile app developers that I think could be huge.  Location privacy out in space, meaning the real … Continue reading

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The Promise of Emerging Technology – Infinite Disruption Until it Doesn’t

Today I am going to spend some time on commentary about mobile technology and how we are slowly (alright, not that slowly) going through a sea-change.  It has been said that computing is moving closer and closer to us.  That … Continue reading

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