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What Walks, Talks and is Worth $100? You – Social Media Value Exchange

Nothing in life is ever free, even free accounts in social media platforms and email platforms.  We always dismiss those that tell us to beware of things that are too good to be true.  We like things to be too … Continue reading

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Employee Social Engagement − Look Past Policies and Towards Empowerment

Employee social media polices are not a tool that enables any type of empowerment.  Policies are not positive in nature, let’s just agree on that.  If they were positive in nature, they wouldn’t have the pervasive “violations of this policy … Continue reading

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What a User Wants – Wearable Computing Deconstructed

Wearable computing is the coming thing, or at least some are saying that.  Being a technology hound, I am also excited by it.  I think the trend is there from computers at a distance (mainframes) to computers at ever decreasing … Continue reading

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Your Device, Not Your Data – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Issues

Do you use your own mobile device to do work for your employer?  Even if you have just answered a quick text to a co-worker saying they are going to be late for a meeting, you have embraced a version … Continue reading

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Controlling the Uncontrollable – Managing Social Media Risks, Part 2 of ??

Yesterday I kicked off a series talking about managing social media risks.  Today I will continue that and get into a few more areas.  The risks in social are a mix of practical and legal.  If you are a professional … Continue reading

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Even the Garbage is Tracking You – More Privacy Challenges

How many more examples of innovation that misses the privacy mark do we need?  Yesterday I read this article about garbage cans tracking users to target advertising.  I wish I could have been in the room when they were first … Continue reading

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Sitting on the Fence? Get Off! – Employees and Social Media

Employees and Social Media.  They are like peas and carrots, they just go together.  The longer you resist that, the less effective you will be in managing the associated risk.  A report on SilkRoad titled “Social Media & Workplace Collaboration” … Continue reading

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