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Social Media Privacy – What Are Your Expectations?

Generally when you talk to someone about the notion of privacy on social media you get one of two reactions.  Either you get “well there is no privacy there, so it’s all public, right.”  Or, you get “I am so … Continue reading

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What Walks, Talks and is Worth $100? You – Social Media Value Exchange

Nothing in life is ever free, even free accounts in social media platforms and email platforms.  We always dismiss those that tell us to beware of things that are too good to be true.  We like things to be too … Continue reading

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Big Data, Big Brother – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off?

One of the cornerstones of an effective SoLoMo implementation is relevance to the individual consumer, and one way to get this is through the use of data analytics (particularly big data).  A part of this may be location relevance (don’t … Continue reading

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License Agreements, Privacy Polices, and Bears, Oh My! – App Store Foibles

As you add apps to your new iPad Air, how much have you been reading the licenses with those apps, or the privacy policies?  I know that as a mobile app developer that dealing with the proprietors of those marketplaces … Continue reading

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Mobile and Social Engagement – Using Games to Reach Users

One of the new frontiers for customer engagement on both mobile and social is the increasing ramification of the user interface.  Making it seem more like a game, and the elements of that user experience more fun-seeming.  I am not … Continue reading

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Put Privacy Truly First – Design It In From The Beginning, or Else!

If you are fearful about the pitfalls that privacy missteps can bring to your brand, you need to start at the beginning and bake it in to everything you do.  The more time you spend up front designing privacy into … Continue reading

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Data Privacy – The User Rules, or They Should

How often do you revisit and audit your privacy practices regarding collection and use of user information.  Earlier this year we had a big kerfuffle over government practices and platforms turning over information to them.  While maybe not topical to … Continue reading

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