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You Use is Not Fair – Copyright Myths and Avoiding Issues

You may think you understand copyright law enough because you have never gotten a cease and desist letter, but beware the pitfalls of your fair use misconceptions.  Copyrights, like all intellectual property, are protected to further the good of society.  … Continue reading

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I Came Here Expecting Fair Use – Copyrights in the Digital Age and Funny Clients

Clients are sometimes the funniest and cutest creatures of all time, especially when it comes to copyright law they learned on the internet.  If your clients do any type of creative work, you have probably heard the cry, “but it’s … Continue reading

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What a User Wants – Wearable Computing Deconstructed

Wearable computing is the coming thing, or at least some are saying that.  Being a technology hound, I am also excited by it.  I think the trend is there from computers at a distance (mainframes) to computers at ever decreasing … Continue reading

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Social Risk Management and Mobile Patent Watch – Just Another Tuesday

What if you had a system that could eliminate all risk of social media engagement?  Would you install it?  MacWorld, and others are reporting on a new patent granted to Apple.  The patent would allow a theater to totally disable … Continue reading

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The Price of Being Social – Facebook Becomes More Transparent-ish?

Facebook is changing its data use policy (translation – Privacy Policy) on the social network.  As Selena Larson of readwrite states plainly, “You Are Its Product.”  Yesterday, in Facebook’s own Facebook Site Governance page they announced upcoming changes.  As of … Continue reading

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Facebook’s new policy changes allow it to read your face, use it for ads

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Facebook is making big changes to the language in its Data Use and Privacy Policy that will allow the company to use information already on the platform in new ways that might frustrate some users. While some…

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It’s Just an Argument – Fair Use, Schmair Use

If you are a lawyer advising clients on content issues and creative campaigns you have invariably heard the refrain “but it’s fair use.”  If you are one of those clients who have said those words, please read this post carefully, … Continue reading

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