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Social Media Privacy – What Are Your Expectations?

Generally when you talk to someone about the notion of privacy on social media you get one of two reactions.  Either you get “well there is no privacy there, so it’s all public, right.”  Or, you get “I am so … Continue reading

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You Use is Not Fair – Copyright Myths and Avoiding Issues

You may think you understand copyright law enough because you have never gotten a cease and desist letter, but beware the pitfalls of your fair use misconceptions.  Copyrights, like all intellectual property, are protected to further the good of society.  … Continue reading

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Drop Your Social Media Policy Today – Write Something More Positive

Social Media policies, just say no!  That has been a recurring theme in these parts.  There are very real concerns and risks with employees engaging on social media when they talk about the company they work for.  I do not … Continue reading

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I Came Here Expecting Fair Use – Copyrights in the Digital Age and Funny Clients

Clients are sometimes the funniest and cutest creatures of all time, especially when it comes to copyright law they learned on the internet.  If your clients do any type of creative work, you have probably heard the cry, “but it’s … Continue reading

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Looking Past Your Nose – Social Media Risk Management Education

If you are worried about managing the risk in social media, one of the ways to learn about how to do that is to look at how others are doing it.  You might be in an industry that is used … Continue reading

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Employee Speech – Your Social Media Problem or Their’s?

Employee grievances on social media are a very thorny area to address.  The risks in mis-stepping are huge.  You can either look so heavy handed that you risk losing customers when you over-react.  You could also face action by the … Continue reading

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Social Media Promotions – Don’t Give Away the Farm, too – Part 3

This is Part 3 of my Social Media Promotions Series.  Part 1 talked about my general thoughts on giveaways, and Part 2 talked about the platforms and their guidelines.  Today we can talk about general rules for promotions.  To be … Continue reading

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