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Old Laws, New Space – Social Only Makes It Easier to Screw Up

Some of the most popular postings in social are things that are confrontational or controversial.  The problem with those things is that someone will always be mad and someone will always find themselves at the wrong end of it.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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Crowds, Innovation and Unexpectedness – Helping You Prepare for the Future

The world is moving so much faster than it ever has before and the pace of innovation is leading this.  The problems that brands in all aspects of their business face are many when they are faced with the charge … Continue reading

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Stealing is Stealing! Copyright Law Isn’t Different in Social Media

You may think that social media and the internet have changed copyright rules.  That whatever you find is something you can use.  Let me first say that nothing has changed.  While some may hail the January decision regarding use of … Continue reading

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Controlling the Uncontrollable – Managing Social Media Risks, Part 2 of ??

Yesterday I kicked off a series talking about managing social media risks.  Today I will continue that and get into a few more areas.  The risks in social are a mix of practical and legal.  If you are a professional … Continue reading

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Innovate or Die – Open and Crowd-Sourced Innovation

“Innovate or Die.”  While there exists some controversy about who said it first in the modern age, Charles Darwin really hit it on the head the earliest.  “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most … Continue reading

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