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Shopper Tracking – Should You Opt-Out? Can You?

Everyday location privacy is getting harder and hard to control for consumers, and trends in consumer behavior analysis are making it even harder.  I talked about this back in July when I wrote about store Wi-Fi tracking.  Today I am … Continue reading

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New Opportunities in Social Marketing – Beware User’s Ire!

Have you been trying to market your brand on social, or engaging with unsatisfied customers there?  For some it has been difficult, or has cost more money in the form of sponsored stories, promoted tweets and the like.  What you … Continue reading

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Tracking You Wherever You Go – Your Mobile Exposes You

Technology giveth, and technology taketh away.  The days of hiding yourself from brands and companies by switching devices seems to be behind us.  Either you are moving solely to mobile for your access to the outside world, or new technologies … Continue reading

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Now Your Mood Gets You Deals – More Creepy Privacy Invasion?

Notice and control will be key as new retail technologies encroach more on your privacy.  The next bit of technology to play the squirrel at an upcoming board meeting will monitor your mood as you come into a store.  What … Continue reading

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Why Are We Surprised That We Are Being Sold? – Online Privacy Threatened-Ish

Online privacy is all about expectations, and more importantly realistic expectations.  When you are getting a service for free you should be asking how the service makes any money.  I go about my daily life wondering how various business models … Continue reading

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Find Your Serenity – Employees and Social Media Access and Risk

It is amazing that employers think that turning things off is the way to manage employee social media risk.  Haven’t we learned the axiom, if you can’t hear the kids they are probably in trouble.  While employees are not your … Continue reading

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The Better to Track You – Online Privacy and Tracking ID’s

This was the week of a new iOS and new iPhones, but it was also the week of some interesting online tracking news, too.  After upgrading to iOS7 I was pleased to see a new privacy area in settings and played … Continue reading

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